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Sharing our beautiful city with visitors from all over the world is our passion. We enjoy it so much for a few reasons. First of all, we love Krakow and showing guests around and helping them discover its fascinating history is a pleasure in itself. Secondly, who wouldn’t love a job that lets you meet people from all over the world? Lastly, we love it because we’re really good at it! We have been helping visitors to make the most of their stay in Krakow for many years and we’ve put together something for anyone considering a trip to this amazing city. You can get much more information at our site but in the meantime, here’s a shorter version to get you thinking about what you would like to see when you get here!

Krakow Guides bring the city to life

Guide-Krakow.com is a collection of the best city guides in town. We pride ourselves on our dedication to helping our clients experience the city in a way that would be difficult without a guide. The website is full of everything a visitor might need to know about all there is to see and do here. You’ll find information there about practical matters like accommodation and getting around but guide service is the foundation of what we do.


So let’s take a look at some of the fantastic places we can share with you here in Krakow. And we mean more than just walking past them on the street. With a professional Krakow guide, you can gain an insight and learn more than any tourist guidebook can share. Besides, do you want to see the city while listening to someone or with your nose buried in a book? And Krakow sightseeing isn’t just about names and dates and dry history. Of course, that kind of information has its place but it only tells part of the story. And that’s what much of history is, especially in a place like Krakow – stories. We want you to experience Krakow’s history through the lives of the people who created it, from Kings and Popes and artisans right down to the ordinary people who have walked these streets for a thousand years. Experienced, knowledgeable guides can make that happen and guiding is what we do best.


We often meet people who have never been on a guided tour before and don’t know what to expect. It’s important that you know that we are happy to accommodate special interests or themes for anyone who has a love or fascination with any particular aspect of our city. Have a special request? No problem, just let us know and we will make sure to integrate it into your tour. It’s your time and we will spend it however you like. We can also arrange sightseeing for large groups as well. Again, special requests can be made for such groups as well and we will gladly assist in the logistic challenges of organising such a trip.

Our experience about Krakow sightseeing

We’ve met thousands of visitors from all over the world. School trips, pilgrimages, business groups, social organisations, families, groups of friends, individuals – you name it, we’ve seen it. There aren’t too many countries that haven’t been represented on our tour but wherever visitors are from, we manage to find a common language. And speaking of language…


You’re obviously reading this in English but it may or may not be your native language. It’s possible that we can arrange for you to see Krakow with a guide that speaks a language that might not force you to concentrate quite so much. In addition to English our guides speak Polish, German, Swedish, Russian, Spanish, Italian and French!

We set the standard for guides in Krakow and Krakow Tours

Is it possible for guides to be innovative? Sure it is. We know that because we have been the driving force behind the changes that have elevated the standard for guide services in Krakow. Part of the reason we have established such a reputation for leading the way is the fact that we provide assistance in every aspect of your trip to Krakow. Whether it’s help with accommodation, reservations, tickets or any number of other practical matters like parking or finding anything you need while you’re here, we are ready to take care of such things so you can forget about them and simply relax and enjoy yourself. Let Krakow City Guides put together an unforgettable holiday for you in one of the most amazing cities in the world!

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