Adelaide Museum

Nov 9th, 2012

MIM Tourists Attraction in Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide, Australia is fifth-largest city in Australia and the capital city of South Australia. Most of Adelaide’s tourist attractions, beautiful restaurants and shops are located at the city center and there are many activities in Adelaide to keep you amused. If you are looking for some fun at the beach, head down to the popular […]


Oct 24th, 2012

Quebec Vacation – La Belle Province

Quebec is more popularly known as the la belle province in tourism. It was established in 1608 and was famous for the fur-trade which was very popular in those times. Quebec City is located along the St. Lawrence River and this province depicts a distinctive French identity. Visiting Quebec is like visiting the French era […]

The Great Wall of China

Oct 23rd, 2012

Tour to the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall is the most significant symbol of China which has become one of the widely known artificial constructions in the world today. This structure has contributed to the development of China’s history and continues to pay a major role in the culture and tourism development of China. Travel to China without visiting the […]

Sint Eustatius

Oct 22nd, 2012

Snorkling on Sint Eustatius

The island of Sint Eustatius (known as Statia by the locals) is an often-overlooked vacation choice in the Caribbean Sea and a wonderful destination choice for yachting. The island is part of the Netherlands; however, most all locals speak English and the currency is the U.S. Dollar. Be certain to bring plenty of cash, because […]


Oct 19th, 2012

Five Great Things to do in Vancouver

Vancouver is an incredibly vibrant, multicultural city experiencing tremendous growth in anticipation of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Considered one of the world’s most livable and beautifully-situated cities, Vancouver offers a wealth of interesting experiences for the curious visitor. Here we present a few old favorites for travelers to enjoy, as well as one or two […]


Oct 18th, 2012

Ten Interesting Things to do in Rwanda

Rwanda, the land of one thousand hills and ‘hundreds attractions’ is an extraordinary place where serene scenery and placid people greet you at every juncture. Rwanda is safe and secure with an overwhelming renaissance of Rwandese national pride and cultural reconstruction. It is full of sights and delights, waiting to be explored. If Rwanda is […]


Oct 17th, 2012

Tours to Rome – Six Amazing Guide

Rome is an amazing and exciting place for a family vacation. Rome is the city that can claim to be an open-air museum that will allow all guests to step back through different eras by just traveling a block or two. Rome has a history dating back 2500 years and some of the buildings holding […]

Fire Island

Oct 16th, 2012

Low Cost on Gas Vacation – Fire Island on New York

I know it’s hard to believe, but you could save a small fortune on gas by spending your summer vacation on Fire Island. You see they don’t allow cars on Fire Island for personal use. The best part is you don’t need cars. Everything is within walking distance — talk about a place being quaint, […]

Mount Everest

Oct 15th, 2012

Mount Everest Parachuting

The majority of Everest’s visitors reach Everest Base Camp by trekking along the classic trails through Nepal. This month however, there was an unconventional approach to the mountain from the sky, as part of a bid for the high-altitude parachute landing world record. The world’s highest mountain was the setting for a dramatic record-breaking attempt […]


Oct 14th, 2012

Vacation Ideas and Travel Tips to Bordeaux France

The beautiful city of Bordeaux is the capital city of Aquitaine, the most southwesterly region in France. Situated on the Garonne River, this sprawling port city is known for its wine, chateaux, universities, museums and city architecture which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Known as the ‘City of Art and History’, Bordeaux enjoys […]


Oct 13th, 2012

Backpacking Guide on Hongkong

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China is multifaceted with its Cantonese and British influences that undeniably create appeal to both Easter and Western audiences. Upon first impression, Hong Kong dares not intimidate with a travel scene that can’t be more welcoming, despite its strict organization. The blinding neon signs, […]

Girl Tuscany

Oct 12th, 2012

Tuscany for Your Travel Destination – Many Things to do and See

Just one holiday spent in Tuscany, Italy isn’t enough; this magical area offers much to see and do. You can find different types of leisure and recreations throughout Tuscany, to serve and delight every traveler. At the end of your first visit you’ll just want to come back to Italy as soon as possible and […]